University Team Travel

At Hotel Logistics we understand the “Logistics” of providing your team with an exceptional away game experience. From sourcing the perfect team hotel to providing on time reliable bus services and making sure your meeting rooms, audio visual equipment and all meal services are planned and executed  perfectly is what we do. 

We work within your budget and make sure your away game experience is executed flawlessly. Every team trip is accompanied by on site Hotel Logistics Concierge Representative who works with your team and the service providers ensuring every detail is taken care of.

At Hotel Logistics we know what Winning means.

Airline Crew Rooms

At Hotel Logistics we understand the complexities of finding the best hotel rooms for your airline crews. We work with you to understand the type of hotel and room category your crews require and then expertly source and negotiate with the hotels that fit your requirements. Hotel Logistics already has in place large negotiated room blocks with most national and regional hotel chains that airlines presently use so you can be sure that your crews will be very satisfied with their accommodations.

The hotel location and transportation to and from the airport are important criteria we take into account in sourcing the best property for your needs. In addition we take into account dining options, safety, room type and hotel amenities in the selection process. In working with charter carriers, scheduled airlines and 135 operators we have developed a vast proprietary hotel data base that finds you the ideal accommodations at the industry’s best rate.

Irregular Operations & RON Rooms

Hotel Logistics understands that irregular operations are a fact of life in the airline industry. Due to weather, flight delays, crew duty issues, we know what it takes to take care of your crews on a last minute notice situation. Hotel Logistics specializes in finding rooms at nonscheduled airports where the flight is being diverted. If the flight has to RON at the diverted airport, we get the crews to the hotel as fast as possible to allow them to get the rest they need to get the plane out as soon as possible.

In addition, Hotel Logistics has a standing contract with the United Sates Customs and Border Protection Agency (USCBP) where if, in select cities, an international flight is arriving late to the United States and customs is closed, we will activate the Reimbursable Services Program (RSP) where customs will stay open to handle the incoming flight. This program has saved our partner airlines hundreds of thousands of dollars in not having to divert to an airport with twenty four hour customs, often hundreds of miles away from the scheduled airport. Irregular operations are a stressful situation for airlines and their crews but rest assured that Hotel Logistics will make the situation as stress free as possible and get your plane and crews back in the air.

Large Blocks for Distressed Passengers

When the need arises in the situation where an entire plane load of passengers has to be put up overnight in a city, Hotel Logistics is the company to turn to. Whether it be on the outbound or inbound destination, or both, we have the ability to quickly arrange for large blocks of rooms to accommodate all the distressed passengers. Using our proprietary data base and hotel contracts, finding 75 rooms in Boston, Newark or any other US city is a specialty of Hotel Logistics. In addition the same holds true in destination cities such as Cancun, Punta Cana or Jamaica.

Over the years Hotel Logistics has accommodated thousands of distressed passengers wherever the need arises. We also arrange transfers to and from the airport to the hotels as seamlessly as possible to make sure your passengers are perfectly taken care of. Our goal is to take the stress out of a stressful situation.

Convention & Business Meetings

If your company is planning a business meeting or a conference then Hotel Logistics is your logical choice. With many years of expertly planning and flawlessly executing meetings, we are focused on making your next meeting a resounding success. Whether it be an incentive trip to the Bahamas or a convention in Chicago, Hotel Logistics has the expertise to make it happen. We source and negotiate the finest hotels at the best rate to stay within your budget and deliver exactly what you expect.

We become your partner in the planning of every detail and expectation for your group, working closely with the contracted hotel to deliver a custom tailored experience just for you. From conference rooms to special menus and corporate branding, Hotel Logistics has the experience and capabilities to make your next meeting or conference an exceptional experience.